RP System: Heofen
Level: 10+
Class(es): Unknown
Race: Norowa
Affiliations: None
Occupations: Nomad
Birthplace: Tragedy
Player: NPC
"A name like that is just asking for trouble..."

Tragedy is one of the most famous Norowa in the world. His real name is unknown but it is believed he took his name from the city of Tragedy on Kaizomurie Island that was devoured by Ooze 78 years ago, presumably his hometown. If he is indeed a survivor of the attack on Tragedy, he is far and away one of the oldest known living Norowa. This would explain his phenomenal control over his abilities.

Tragedy travels between Islands regularly, though he is never seen unless he wills to be. He is searching for something but he never reveals to anyone what - he simply asks them for information he feels that they possess and he believes to be important, attacking them if they resist or claim ignorance. Though people have survived encounters with him, it has always been at his whim and he is never known to have lost a fight. He has taken on a near legendary status around the world and his name is invoked as some sort of bogeyman.


Tragedy is wrapped from head to toe in flowing bandages, over which he wears a long grey robe, boots, gloves and hat. The reasons for the bandages is believed to be two-fold; both to hide the horrific scarring from the regular use of his Ooze magic and to create a fearsome but recognisable image for himself.


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Abilities and PowersEdit

Tragedy has used Ooze magic for years without reservation, leaving him to be completely corrupted by it. As such, he can transform his body into Ooze at will. While he will often fight with magic as much as possible, if required to engage his physical combat he will change his extremities into weapons. A common tactic of his is to quickly stretch and spread around the battlefield to overwhelm his opponents.


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Past StoryEdit

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Present StoryEdit

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Current Events (Spoilers)Edit

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Major BattlesEdit

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