Qī shāshǒu
English Name: The Seven Killers
Rarity: Extreme

Qī shāshǒu (the Seven Killers) is the name given to a group of named weapons widely regarded as the most powerful in the World. Ownership of a shāshǒu is considered a symbol of one's status as the master of their chosen style and as such they are highly prized. Most of the shāshǒu were forged by the legendary weaposmith Daimundo Kira. There is debate over whether any of the weapons created by others can truly be considered one of the true shāshǒu, and indeed the originals are more renowned, but the remaining weapons are of such craftsmanship and power that their reputations are well earned.

The SevenEdit

The Weapons are commonly listed in the order in which they were created, with those being forged first considered more powerful.

Lóng chī (Dragon Eater)Edit

Owner: Wēiwǔ Goliath

A large halberd with serrated teeth along each blade, the Dragon Eater is known as one of the most difficult weapons to use but by far the most physically destructive. A blow from this weapon can destroy nearly anything, though the secrets to wielding it are unknown: no-one has dared challenge Goliath since he obtained it.


Item Statistics
Attack Dice Damage Dice Damage Type
D6 6D10 Piercing

Qī tǒng dǎ ān dé (Seven Barrel Fight Ender)Edit

Owner: Roman Vallance

Known as the ultimate duelling weapon, this revolver has seven barrels and a thick frame, designed to fire high explosive rounds. It earned its name as a single shot was famed to finish any fight. Only two people are known to have survived past this initial shot: Tragedy survived two direct blasts before fleeing and Rickenbacker Damocles allegedly deflected three shots during a duel with Daimundo Kira.


Item Statistics
Range Reload Time Attack Dice Damage Dice Damage Type
100ft 2 seconds D10 4D8 Explosive

Cìěr de ěryǔ (Shrill Whisper)Edit

Owner: Mastford

Named for both its speed and the high pitched ringing the blade can produce, the Shrill Whisper is capable of lightning fast attacks. The blade is so sharp that most weapons and shields that attempt to block it are cut straight through. Mastford has perfected an unusual form of combat that utilises the unique sonic and harmonic qualities of the weapon, causing strikes that produce disconcerting tones and vibrations, disorientating the opponent and providing extra attack power.


Item Statistics
Attack Dice Damage Dice Damage Type
D12 5D8 Piercing

Xiēzi lóng (Scorpion Cage) (Destroyed)Edit

Former Owner:

Jiāochā yūn (Cross Halo) (Destroyed)Edit

Former Owner:

Móguǐ de jiǎn qiè (The Devil's Shear)Edit

Owner: François l'Olonnais

Designed as the antithesis to the Shrill Whisper, The Devil's Shear is a heavy blade focused on accentuating its wielder's strength over their speed. It earned its name due to its sheer power often overwhelming an opponent's defences and killing them in a single blow.


Item Statistics
Attack Dice Damage Dice Damage Type
D10 5D10 Piercing

Jù chǐ (Tooth of the Giant) (Destroyed)Edit

Former Owner: Robert Walls

Niu Mo Wang (Bull Demon King)Edit

Owner: Mr Hades

An enormous battle gauntlet with three blade running along the arm, the Niu Mo Wang was forged from the metal of weapons the Xiēzi lóng, Jiāochā yūn and Jù chǐ. Mr Hades won each of these weaposn through single combat with their owner, melting it down afterwards to add to his own ultimate weapon. The Niu Mo Wang is considered far and away the most deadly of all the Seven Killers, due not only to its innate sheer power but also that of its master.

Other KillersEdit

Though not of the original seven, these weapons are of such craftsmanship and fame that they are often considered equal to the shāshǒu.


The reputation of the weapons.

Ownership Edit

The shāshǒu weapons require exceptional skill to wield effectively and as such they migrated into the hands of combat masters. Ownership of the weapons has only changed hands by defeating the current owner in single, honourable combat (with the exception of Robert Walls stealing the Jù chǐ). Accordingly, anyone seen with a shāshǒuis recognised as a deserving master and held in high esteem. Due to the unique construction and traits of each weapon, it takes even masters a long time to become truly accustomed their weapon's eccentricities. Everyone has become "in tune" with their chosen weapon has been virtually unbeatable in combat. The more superstitious believe that a master is never truly defeated: the weapon itself decides to accept the challenger as their new master and allows their owner to be bested. The only person who can use all the shāshǒu weapons with equal skill is their creator, Daimundo Kira.

Abilities and PowersEdit

The true power of these weapons is difficult to measure. Even in the hands of a novice, their strength is far beyond that of normal weaponry. Besides the unique eccentricites of each weapon, the overall potential of the weapons seems to be their masters: each weapon draws from and expands the strengths of its wielder.


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