RP System: Heofen
Level: 9
Class(es): Soldier
Race: Human
Affiliations: None
Occupations: Sea Commander
Birthplace: Unknown
Player: NPC
"The Council may rule the World, but I rule the Sea!"
―Bartholomew Sharp

The Privateers are three crews of pirates and mercenaries given permission to travel in the Forbidden Seas by the Global Council, as well as undertake Vigilante behaviour. The restrictions placed on them are essentially lax as enforcement is nigh impossible and each Privateer respects them differently. The three crews are the Crew led by Bartholomew Sharp, the Crew led by Marshall Stone and the Crew led by Ishmael Parch.


This describes in detail the overall appearance of the character. The description should contain notes on important details such as tattoos and personnel item of importance. The description should contain enough detail to give a reader an idea on what the character looks like without a visual aid, such a picture to help them.


How the character acts overall.


How the character acts towards other characters.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Full details on what the character can do, both inside and outside of battles.


Give details on any weapons used and how they are used.


Past StoryEdit

What the character did before the Storyline began.

Present StoryEdit

Things that have happened since introduced to the Storyline.

Current Events (Spoilers)Edit

Things that have happened in recent chapters.

Major BattlesEdit

If possible, supply any details of any major battles the Character took part in and against who.


Misc. info that cannot be fitted into the article.

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