Mr Hades
RP System: Heofen
Level: 10+
Class(es): Unknown
Race: Human
Affiliations: None
Occupations: Nomad
Epithet: 排名第七的国王驱逐舰 (Páimíng dì qī de guówáng qūzhújiàn) (Number Seven King Destroyer)
Player: NPC
"Folks call me Hades. You'll find out why soon enough."
―Mr Hades

Mr Hades is a nomadic warrior, weapon collector and recurrent threat in the World of Heofen. His exact origins are unknown, but his first recorded appearance occured on Silverhold, when he challenged Robert Walls for ownership of the Jù chǐ. Since then he has appeared intermittenly throughout the World, usually to challenge the owners of the remaining shāshǒu or to fulfil some other personal agenda.

His reasons for attempting to collect all the Killers is unknown, besides the obvious benefits, with his habit of melting them down to forge his own weapons making them worthless as both status symbols and collectables.

Based on his construction of the Niu Mo Wang, personality and his love of battle, his primary motivation is believed to be simply to become as powerful as he can and from the thrill of defeating other powerful fighters and style masters. This, combined with his interest in The Seven Killers, lead to his nickname of the Number Seven King Destroyer.


Hades is an elder man, though his exact age is uncertain, evidenced by his wild greying hair and moustache. He wears a long black trenchcoat over his clothing a wide brimmed black hat. A deep scar runs down his right cheek though it is unknown when he recieved it. He talks in a gruff but refined southern drawl and carries a guitar case around with him wherever he goes, though it has never been opened so whether it contains an actual guitar is hearsay. He often smokes, but only from a pipe he carries with him.

The most notable aspect of his appearance is his weapon, the Niu Mo Wang, which covers the entire lower half of his left arm, though this is usually concealed beneath his trenchcoat.


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Abilities and PowersEdit

Despite his apparent age, Mr Hades is in exceptional physical condition and is widely considered to be the most dangerous man in the World. He has frequently equalled and bettered some of the most famous combatants.


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Past StoryEdit

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Current Events (Spoilers)Edit

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Major BattlesEdit

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