Krai L'Vin Ashaan
RP System: Star Wars Saga Edition
Level: 10
Class(es): Scoundrel / Jedi / Jedi Knight / Melee Duelist
Race: Nagai
Affiliations: New Jedi Order
Occupations: Jedi Knight
Player: David
"You value power too highly what end do you seek it?"
―Mace Almas

Krai L'Vin Ashaan is a Jedi Knight and dedicated dual lightsaber melee duelist. Krai's style is unnverving to anyone unfamiliar with his technique, both foe and ally alike. Skirting on the penumbra of the dark side, Krai actively employs the philosphies of the Juyo and Vaapad forms in his strikes, utilising the flexibility of his two lightsabers to overwhelm opponents.

Originally a mercenary and enforcer for underworld criminal Ira Rosa, Krai became a Jedi to fulfil a death pledge to a Jedi Master Mace Almas, who saved his life. Honourbound to fulfil Almas' wish, Krai turned his tehk'la blade skills towards lightsabers so they he may stand again Almas' former apprentice, Sith Warrior Darth Vane, and his teacher Agony. Throughout his life since Almas has appeared to him as a Force Spirit to guide training and enforce his will, but as Krai grows older and wiser, their differences in perspective have caused a schism between the two; Almas wishes Krai to be a second apprentice, one who will redeem and surpass his wayward padawan and learn from Almas' legacy, while Krai, despite deeply respecting Almas and honouring his debt, sees Vane simply as a debt and a challenge to overcome. Once repaid, he will pursue his own purpose, not the fallen Masters: becoming the greatest fighter in the Universe.

Early Years

Born during the Tof invasion of Nagi, Krai was taken offworld in a Nagai scouting party at a young age with his parents. His only friend growing up was a young girl anmed Ayekai and between them, at the behest of their parents, they studied the art of tehk'la blade combat; both to preserve their heritage and prepare them for whatever dangers they may face in the unknown galaxies. After 2 years in space, their ship was attacked by slave traders and everyone killed in the resulting battle, bar Krai and Ayekai.

Originally intending to sell them both on, the Traders realised the usefulness of their two discoveries after witnessing Krai kill another prisoner to defend himself. Krai and Ayekai worked for the traders until he was 15, performing whatever task they willed.

When Krai was 15, they finally felt that they had amassed enough resources and trust to be able to kill their captures and escape. Ayekai would kill the leader while <> dealt with his Wookie bodyguard. Krai successfully slew Rianbacca in his sleep, but Ayekai was expected. When she failed to show up at the rendezvous, Krai headed to the find her, interrupting the duel. His arrival distracted Ayekai long enough for her opponent to strike a mortal blow. Guilt stricken at causing the death of his only friend by doubting her abilities, Krai fled alone, barely escaping and ending up on planet Farrfin.

Farrfin and Ire Roza

Knowing he would be wanted, he sought protection by working under the employ of Ire Roza, a crime lord in the city of Jahhnu. The illegal and dangerous nature of the work led <> to develop a blade combat style focusing on speed and defensive actions, allowing him to quickly dispatch multiple enemies without risk. He never let himself forget Ayekai or his role in her death and practiced his craft religiously.

In ABY 11, Roza became the target of an assassination by a rival crime Lord. The attempt failed and <> was given the task of tracking down the assassin. <> found him as he was attempting another job and interfered. However, this second target was also being tracked by the Jedi Mace Almas.

Meeting Master Almas

With all parties converging at once, both the target and assassin escaped, drawing the Jedi Master into the gang wars. Learning that the intended target had important information about the location of a Sith responsible for mass murder and that their goals were now aligned, Krai was honour bound to assist Almas. Together the pair found both the informant, learning that the Sith Almas was tracking was his former apprentice Cly Alarnis, now known as Darth Vane. Before they could retrieve his location, the informant was killed by the assassin. Krai and Almas managed to prevent his escape and began a fierce battle with him across the rooftops of Jahhnu. Despite his own personal skills, Krai was no match and served only to distract both his opponent and ally, his blade faring poorly against lightsabers. As the fight wore on however, Krai’s defensive style came into his own, having allowed him to conserve energy and slowly they managed to force the assassin into a corner. In a moment of arrogance and eager to prove himself to the powerful Jedi, Krai struck for what he believed would be a fatal blow during an apparent opening. The assassin had planned this, leaving himself open to draw in the attack. Launching a powerful counterblow, he inflicted a powerful wound across Krai’s body (that would leave a scar for the rest of his life, running from his left cheek down to his waist). Left prone and weaponless, Krai would have died to the next blow had Almas not stepped in and taken the brunt and been mortally wounded. Now overconfident, the assassin relaxed as he goaded the Jedi, allowing Krai to retrieve his lightsaber and fell the assassin. Owing the Master his life and realising he’d allowed a friend to die by interfering in a fight, Krai felt honour bound to fulfil Almas’ final wishes. As such, Krai agreed to enter the Jedi Academy and track down Cly Alarnis, so that he could be redeemed to the Light side of the force and swore to never let another friend die because of his reckless nature or by interfering in their affairs.

His New Path

Since joining the Jedi order, Krai has learned to maintain the skills from his past and use them to enhance his lightsaber training. With his mission being to redeem a Sith, he needed to be able to match him in combat: not only for his own survival, but to prove that the Dark Side was not the way to true strength.

Over the years Krai had followed numerous leads in attempt to track down Vane or Agony, but none have borne fruit. Realising that the time will come when the Force decides, Krai increasingly focusing more and more on combat training and advanced throughout the Jedi Order.


Krai is tall and thin, with long blue hair. His hair naturally spikes and weaves with the wind and his movement. He wears the traditional Jedi robes over his old black clothing and always has his lightsabers to hand.

Krai has 2 golden earrings in his left ear, one for each of his fallen friends, but if questioned will never explain them. While the Jedi order has calmed his temperament and given him a strong degree of self-control, this issue a point of contention that will never fail to illicit anger from him.


A loner by nature, Krai nevertheless works with allies when beneficial, though he will avoid dependence on them. As both a Nagai and a warrior, Honour is of the highest important to him and is driving force behind almost all his actions. He will not interfere in the conflicts of others if he can, believing that doing so scars the honour of the warrior you save. If help is requested however, he will intervene, but only with the intention of assisting, not taking over.

His determination and stoic nature often give the impression of selfishness and disinterest, which is not entirely undeserved; the lives of others are their own business and as kind, so is his own. The only thing that truly engages his attentions is a powerful opponent or challenge from which he can better himself; his pride will not allow him to shy away from a challenge, even in the face of death.

Fighting Style

In his early days, Krai focused on a heavily defensive style, driven both by the importance of defence he learned from the loss of his friends and the practicalities of single melee combat. This continued into his Jedi training, but without a true guiding Master's hand, Krai's style evolved with his instincts, becoming wild and unfocused. Upon attempting to spar with other Jedi, he found the defensive techniques he had honed woefully inadequate against lightsabers. Having never faced opponents with the concentration and training of Jedi, Krai was forced to reassess his form.

Studying the teachings of the battlemasters in practice, he slowly divined the strengths and weaknesses of each form. Seeing that each form had a distinct weakness expolited by the others, he was unwillingly to study any one exclusively. Having no idea which style his target Vane had chosen and knowing only that his fundamentals were based on Almas' teaching, Krai decided to start over, using Almas' Ataru form as a blueprint.

After much practice, Krai divined that the common strength of each form was also its greatest weakness: Each form is designed to enhance the users positives, not disguise the vulnerabilities. With each form taken as a strict art form and trained to precision, Jedi were skilled in the forms without truly understanding them. By performing a style that appeared to belong to no form, opponents would have no reference to work from, left relying on their instincts instead of their training.

In his next duels, the change was immediately apparent: by ignoring the recognisable tenets of the forms, opponents were unable to predict his movements or determine his strategy, forcing them to react to his attacks and allowing him to guide the fight. Despite its effectiveness, Krai was pulled aside by the Battlemaster soon after and warned of the path he was heading down. The forms existed not only to direct combat, but also the mind; refining and ritualising combat allowed Jedi to separate themselves from the heat of emotions and avoid the dark side. Despite this, his skill was apparent, and the Battlemaster offered to allow him to continue, if he channelled his talents into the Juyo form. Accepting this, and with warning from Almas' guardian spirit, Krai began tutelage under the Battlemaster.


Krai fights with two distinctive lightsabers: the Green blade of his fallen Master Almas and his self constructed Silver blade. The uniqueness of this pairing makes him instantly recognisable amongst other lightsaber wielders. Alongside these Krai always carries his tehk'la blade, a symbol of both his heritage and a reminder to never allow his own weaknesses to become anothers downfall.

Ayekai (Tehk'la Ryōtō)

In addition to his training of Juyo and Vaapad, Krai has also endeavoured to expand perfect the forbidden style he had attempted on Yavin, named after his fallen childhood friend. Currently it stands as little more than subtle feints, angled shifts and movement styles that appear to most as simple eccentricities amongst his intrepretation of the Juyo form; however with time he hopes to hone it into an eighth form that covers what he believes to be the biggest weakness in the existing forms: the physical limitations of the user.

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