So you've decided to contribute to the UWE Roleplaying Society Wikia; Fantastic! On this page we'll cover how to create, add and edit content, upload photos, use the templates and create links.

Creating a New Page

First of all, check to see if the page you're already making exists. If you try to create a page with the same name as an existing page,you will be given a warning message by the wikia: heed it! Don't overwrite others work. Its counter-productive all round.

If your chosen page is available, go to any page on the wikia and click the "Create a Page" button in the top right corner, or if you're on the front page, the "Add Page" button in the top center. You will be prompted to name the page and choose either Standard Layout or Blank Page. If you wish you follow the templates and formatting conventions we've provided you, either works as you will be replacing the content. If you wish to format it yourself, then again, any choice works, based on your preference.

Following Template Formatting

If you wish to use the pre-written templates for pages, once you are on the editting page, click on the 'Source' button in far right corner of the toolbar. This will give you a text box to enter source code, rather than text. From there, follow the instructions given on the following pages.

For characters, Template:CharacterTemplate For everything else, Template:GenericTemplate

Uploading Photos

Beneath the 'Create a New Page' button on each page is an 'Add a Photo' button. This will allow you to upload an image from your hard drive to be stored on the wikia. Please use very specific naming when uploading images. Don't call them things that are very common or generic. Most importantly, if you recieve a warning that a file with your chosen name already exists, DON'T UPLOAD IT. You will overwrite someone elses photo and screw up their page: so common courtesy ftw!

Editing an Existing Page

Contents Table and Sub Headers

The Contents Table for a page is automatically generated as you add Sub-Headings to a page. In text editing view, this is based on how you space out and format the text, so it is recommended to use Source view for a better level of control.

To create a sub-heading in Source view, simply write the name of the sub-heading with == on either side. To create a sub-sub-heading, use === on either side, like so:

==I am a sub-heading!==
===I am a sub-sub-heading!===
====You can see where this is going!====

Each extra = places a heading a step further down.

The Contents table will automatically create reference links to the headings for you.

Placing Text before the Contents Table

To have text appear on a page before the Contents Table, simply write the text before any sub headings.

Adding Hyperlinks

To add a hyperlink in the standard page editing screen, use the Hyperlink option in the toolbar. To add a hyperlink in Source view, encase the name of the wikia page you wish to link to in double square brackets, like so:

[[I link to another wikia page!]]

Adding Quotes

To add a quote, I have created a special template to make them both more convenient and appear uniform. The details of it can be found here, Template:Quote. Using it will produce results like so:

"See how cool this looks?"
―UWE Roleplaying Wikia

Cleaning Up Formatting

There is one special template which is your best friend here.


Calling this Template in Source will cause the column headings to reset, giving you a nice new paragraph unaffected by the formatting of whats come before it. If you view the Source of almost any page, you will see it used regularly. Any time you start a new heading, it is a good idea to call this Template just before.

Adding Categories

It is important that people be able to find your page so to help, the Wikia uses page categories. A category is a group of pages with a common theme: say, very page in that category relates a specific DnD Universe, or every page is about a human, and so forth. To add a category to your page, go to the Source view and place the category within [[ ]], as you would for hyperlinks, but with the 'Category:' prefix, like so:

[[Category: Humans]]
[[Category: Non-Player Characters]]

Try to use existing categories whenever possible; this ensures that pages from multiple authors can be correctly categorised.

If all else fails...

...look at the code for a page you wish to emulate and just copy and paste it, editing the parts you want.

Happy editing Roleplay fans!

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