Donatello Vidivici
RP System: Heofen
Level: 6
Class(es): Diplomat \ Swordsman
Race: Human
Affiliations: Global Council
Occupations: High Lord
Epithet: Justice's Hand
Birthplace: Ballast
Player: NPC
"Justice depends on who is in the position to enforce it. And thats me. And it will always be me."
―Donatello Vidivici

Donatello Vidivici is the 3rd High Lord of Ballast and a powerful political figure, most well known for his stern opposition to the Exodus Project. A Naval soldier in his earlier years, Vidivici took over as High Lord following his father's death.


Tragedy is wrapped from head to toe in flowing bandages, over which he wears a long grey robe, boots, gloves and hat. The reasons for the bandages is believed to be two-fold; both to hide the horrific scarring from the regular use of his Ooze magic and to create a fiercesome but recognisable image for himself.


How the character acts overall.


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Abilities and PowersEdit

Despite his apparent age, Mr Hades is in exceptional physical condition and is widely considered to be the most dangerous man in the Galaxy. He has frequently equalled and bettered some of the most famous combatants.


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Past StoryEdit

What the character did before the Storyline began.

Present StoryEdit

Things that have happened since introduced to the Storyline.

Current Events (Spoilers)Edit

Things that have happened in recent chapters.

Major BattlesEdit

If possible, supply any details of any major battles the Character took part in and against who.


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