Daimundo Kira
300px-Silvers Rayleigh
RP System: Heofen
Level: 10+
Class(es): Artisan
Race: Human
Affiliations: None
Occupations: Weaponsmith
Epithet: 创作者的灵魂食 (Chuàngzuò zhě de línghún shí) (Creator of Soul Eaters)
Birthplace: Unknown
Player: NPC
"Create is a difficult and uncomfortable term. What I did was give those weapons form..."
―Daimundo Kira

Daimundo Kira is an exiled criminal and master weaponsmith, most famous as creator of The Seven Killers.


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Abilities and PowersEdit

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Past StoryEdit

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Present StoryEdit

Things that have happened since introduced to the Storyline.

Current Events (Spoilers)Edit

Things that have happened in recent chapters.

Major BattlesEdit

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