Adarai Tiny
Main Continents: Kazeer, Mzeethar, Emerron, The Southlands (Nasvaisanth and The Eastern Wastelands), The Lands That Once Were
Main Kingdoms: Derathar, Mirin, Tyrinfell, Mzeethar, Emerron, The Sleeping Kingdom
"The World is a vast and unforgiving place."

Adarai is the name of the world in which the Tartarus Dungeons and Dragons Campaign takes place. The world of Adarai is the home to a wide variety of species and cultures. Over the course of its History the landscapes have been torn by the ravages of War and forbidden magics, most notably The War of Forging and the Unbinding of Caranvar, splitting the races apart and scorches some areas beyond repair. Due to this many of the races are openly hostile to foreigners and the threat of another war is always on the Horizon.



Ancient TimesEdit

The War of ForgingEdit

The Unbinding of CaranvarEdit

Current Events (Spoilers)Edit

Major Global EventsEdit


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